Peru Flash Offer

For this week’s Flash Offer, we invite you to join in this celebration of the success of the harvest and get super special pricing on some of the best lots that left the country last fall and winter.  

Units Available Price Per lb Book Your Order
Peru Antonio Aquino Quenallata-Annex 0 4.50/lb Sold Out
Peru Simon Chambi Lopez-Annex 0 4.50/lb Sold Out
Peru Apaylla #5-Annex 0 $3.50/lb Sold Out
Peru Tupac Amaru-Annex 0 3.50/lb Sold Out
Peru Aprocafe #2-Annex 7 $3.00/lb + Book
Peru Silvestre Tello-Continental 6 $3.50/lb + Book
Peru Juan Centeno-Continental 0 $3.00/lb Sold Out
Peru Mateo Ccopa Merma-Continental 0 $3.00/lb Sold Out
Peru Rio Mapacho-Continental 0 $3.00/lb Sold Out
Peru Amaybamba-Continental 0 $3.00/lb Sold Out