Discovery is a big part of what we do at Red Fox and in some sense we consider ourselves treasure hunters, endlessly searching for the next great coffee. But discovery is only the beginning. Behind every coffee we offer there is a great deal of intention and investment. Through developing relationships with the farmers, cooperatives, and communities we buy from, we are building a stronger, more resilient supply chain. Consistency and repeatability are critical for us. We aren’t in this for just one season.

The biggest single factor that makes a coffee great is the work and dedication of the farmer. The altitude, the varietals, the general conditions around the growing, all these things are secondary to the approach the producer takes. We are privileged to work with some of the finest coffee producers in the world — coffee producers well off the beaten path, who need a link to the consuming marketplace. The most important thing we do is to provide that link. We encourage farmers to produce the best coffee they possibly can — by focusing on ripe cherry selection, clean & calibrated processing, even drying, and proper storage — and we support their endeavors by paying higher premiums for higher quality. We tie prices to cupping scores so that they are consistent and transparent.

Preserving the freshness of the coffee and having it arrive quickly in our market countries is imperative for consistency and quality of the green bean. Red Fox is invested in protecting each coffee we offer from using grain pro bags from parchment to dry mill and working with source countries to effectively move coffee through ports in a timely manner, so that it arrives in our market countries at its best.


With over a decade of experience trading coffee on both ends of the specialty spectrum, we’ve learned that every roasting company can need help with their menus at times. We know that our customers, whether they’re small operations without the monster budget to travel or medium-sized roasters who understand that they can’t source everything on their own, are constantly looking for high quality coffees.

Our strength as a business stems from our willingness, desire really, to do the things that other folks don’t do. We’ll take the 24 hour journey to get from California to the Sandia Valley in Puno, Peru and spend a day hiking into farms from there. We’ll cup 1,000 Colombia samples in a season just make sure that we excavate the absolute best that there is. We offer our customers the support of our years of first-hand work at farm level and our extensive travels across the coffee producing world. Our customers can expect to call us up, then see a few samples in the mail a couple of days later and know that they’ll range from very good to exceptional. We take the guessing work out of the buying side.

Red Fox is not a one stop coffee shop for all of one’s green needs. We currently focus on the relationships we’ve built over the years in Peru, Colombia, Ecuador and Ethiopia, and we will slowly add new projects into the mix from Bolivia and Uganda. Additionally we offer some great Guatemalan coffees from our favorite regions as well as top Kenyas from the areas surrounding Mt. Kenya. Its with this aim and our dedicated efforts plus extra attention that we can deliver the best coffees out there.