Agaro, Ethiopia Coming in Hot 2024

After weeks in Ethiopia cupping and making commitments, we’re kicking off the Ethiopia hype with Agaro.

Our oldest relationship in Ethiopia and one of our oldest in the world, Agaro is in western Ethiopia, where coffees reach peak harvest earliest. This year’s crop is looking phenomenal with first acquisitions showcasing some of Agaro’s greatest hits: Duromina, Yukro, and Kolla Bolcha.

As we see additional logistical challenges due to the ongoing situation in the Red Sea, we’re especially glad to have not just right of first refusal on these coffees but also first shipment. Our first coffees are expected to sail by end of month.

Notes from Aleco in the field:

Duromina: This year’s Duromina lots are perfumed with Meyer lemon. The cup profile begins with a very distinct bergamot character that transitions to layered flavors of yuzu, candied mandarin, and even juniper berry. Duromina’s acidity is instantly dynamic on the palate finishing with a piquant, sparkling character.

Kolla Bolcha: The acidity is standout in this season’s deliveries, pairing perfectly with the heavy sweetness directly behind it. Malic fruits like green grape and pear come to mind, along with a medley of darker fruits like plum, blackcurrant, and raspberry and a sweet-tart fruit punch note. Kolla Bolcha finishes refreshingly and elegantly, evoking complex Oolong tea and a sparkling mouthfeel.

Yukro: Yukro lots are at their best this year in a way that only happens every 2-3 seasons. These coffees are ethereal: light as air but simultaneously sweet and bright. These lots are truly complex with refreshing notes of watermelon juice and even cucumber water. They have the unique, powerful balance of subtlety and dynamism that we love to see from Yukro.

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