Los Alpes

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1700-2000 MASL
Caturra, Colombia, Castillo
10-20 days on raised beds under parabolic cover or cement patios
Bag Weight
70 kgs
Flavor Notes
apricot, brown sugar, baking spices
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About Los Alpes

Los Alpes community occupies a uniquely privileged geographical position within an area with a long and complex history. The lands of Tablón de Gómez, a municipality to which Los Alpes community belongs, were settled by farmers from different regions of the country who found the soils ideal for growing peas, corn, beans and especially avocado, a fruit that became the axis of the town’s economy.

For many years the avocado was the star product of the region, but all this changed when the guerrilla, poppy and coca entered the region. There were many years of instability and violence that forced a large portion of local families to flee to the capitals.

Years later, once the conflict was controlled, the farmers returned and decided on masse to plant coffee. Sunlight, rain cycles and soils with high organic matter content created a fertile ecosystem for coffee cultivation here.

Despite adversity, the residents of the area have not forgotten their ancestral customs, such as the carnival of “Los Blancos y Negros”, a carnival that is celebrated every January. It tells the history of Colombia, the indigenous traditions, the slavery and the victory of independence from Spain.

The community of Los Alpes is part of the protected area of the indigenous community of Aponte, with approximately 5,000 inhabitants of the Inga ethnic group from the Quechua. Their community has its own language and has special regulations imposed by its community, under the command of the indigenous governor and the indigenous guard.

In this iconic area where tradition and ancestral knowledge coexist with new modernization trends, the natural result is a coffee of exceptional quality.

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