New Guatemala Huehue & Classic Chimal Smallholders


We have a limited quantity of new Guatemala offerings coming in this year to both coasts. We keep the selection highly curated and these coffees are special. On the West Coast we’ll be showcasing standout smallholder lots from a new relationship in Huehuetenango, sourced from Santa BarbaraLa Libertad, and Jacaltenango subregions. On the East Coast, we’ll be delivering year-over-year winner smallholder regional blend San Jose Poaquil from Chimaltenango.

Full Notes from Global Lab Manager & Guatemala Sourcing Lead Joel Edwards and Co-Founder & Owner Aleco Chigounis:


Las Camelias: From Ojo de Agua in La Libertad, this lot represents a great value with a classic Huehuetenango profile of dried fruit, yellow honey and punchier green apple/pear acidity.

Las Bromelias: From Cuevitas in La Libertad, notes of rich musk melon, bright yet very sweet malic acidity like Asian pear and apple cider, sugar-browning notes of amber honey and caramel.

Elmer Lopez: Some of you will remember the pronounced red fruit profile of Santa Barbara from years past: strawberry, red currant, pomegranate, rhubarb and soft florals. Elmer Lopez’s lot from Finca Los Pinos in Chicol is a prime showcase of this character, adding rosewater, sweet lime, and green grape into the mix with this complex red-fruit profile.

Marvin Lopez: From Finca Piedra de Azul in Petatan, Jacaltenango, Marvin Lopez’s lot has complex citric acidity like lemon-lime soda and Meyer lemon and a sweet and bright green grape note underpinning a sugary-sweet praline and milk chocolate character.

Victelio Martinez: From Finca Los Planes in Chalum, La Libertad, Victelio’s coffee has bright tropical notes like key lime and a hint of subtle watermelon with underlying cola, amber honey and brown sugar sweetness.

Arturo Gabriel: From Finca la Cruz in Cicilar, La Libertad, Arturo’s chop is ultra-sweet with ripe raspberry and pear notes backed by toffee and milk chocolate.


San Jose Poaquil: A year-over-year favorite smallholder regional blend San Jose Poaquil from Chimaltenango is an easy-drinker with notes of milk chocolate, toasted almonds and dried fruit like raisins or dates backed by a mild malic acidity. An approachable profile that definitely plays well with others while also being able to stand alone.

We’re excited about these new relationships in a stalwart origin, this year and in years to come.

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