Wilson Sucaticona Bourbon

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1600-1800 MASL
8-12 days on raised beds under parabolic cover
Continental NJ
Bag Weight
69 kgs
Flavor Notes
dark cherry, apricot, floral
About Wilson Sucaticona Bourbon

Wilson Sucaticona was born on the Peruvian side of the Peru- Bolivian border, in the city of Conima. This highland border in Southern Peru used to be completely unregulated, and Wilson’s grandfather and father worked producing coffee on the Bolivian side. In the early 1950’s, the borders became more controlled and it wasn’t as easy to go back and forth for work. Wilson’s family decided to migrate. They walked through the mountains for two weeks, starting in the city of Tilali (near Conima), through the district of Cojate, into Sandia and then onto San Juan del Oro until arriving in San Pedro de Putina Punco, where Wilson’s family settled. Wilson’s father began producing coffee in Putina Punco, and Wilson continues to produce coffee on this land to this day. In addition to the land he inherited, Wilson purchased land to expand his coffee production area.

Wilson’s farm, Alto Lagunillas, is named for a small lake at the top of his property. “Alto” is the Spanish word for high, and “Lagunilla” means little lake. Wilson says that coffee production is hard work and it’s a big investment because for the first three years there is little no no production. However, when the harvest does come it is very rewarding, and he loves to work outdoors, in the open air and surrounded by green.

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