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San Vicente Yogondoy: Something Only Oaxaca Can Offer

May 2, 2024

We’re spotlighting Oaxaca region San Vicente Yogondoy, an area that showcases not only some of Oaxaca’s best quality but also incredible productivity.  Coffees from here smell and taste like amber…

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Setting the Bar with Oaxaca

March 14, 2024

Oaxaca hosts our longest-standing, deepest relationships in all of Mexico—it’s the area that drew us in and keeps us going deeper every year. The coffees here are incredibly special, both in their elegance and…

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Oaxaca: Truly Classic Coffees, An Endangered Species

April 24, 2023

Notes on Oaxaca coffees from Red Fox Mexico sourcing & sales lead Adam McClellan When we first started sourcing Oaxaca coffees, I felt that part of our efforts were to…

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Casimiro García López of Pluma on Community Origins & Modern Challenges

June 23, 2021

We were excited to be able to interview Casimiro García López of Pluma de Oaxaca, as well as his son Omar, face-to-face in Oaxaca. A second generation coffee farmer, Casimiro…

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Decentralization & Community in Oaxaca Coffee Sourcing

June 10, 2021

What makes Oaxaca unique?  The Oaxaca sourcing landscape is uniquely decentralized, presenting both challenges and opportunities for us as a sourcing company and for the communities and families we work…

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We’re Opening a Year-Round Lab in Oaxaca, Mexico

February 3, 2020

Why Mexico? As I rode in the back of a car, looking out at the green, rolling, coffee-laden hills of Veracruz a few weeks ago during early harvest meetings, one…

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