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Oaxaca: Truly Classic Coffees, An Endangered Species

  Published 04/26/2023 Notes on Oaxaca coffees from Red Fox Mexico sourcing & sales lead Adam McClellan When we first started sourcing Oaxaca coffees, I felt that part of our…

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Casimiro García López of Pluma on Community Origins & Modern Challenges

  Published 06/23/2021 We were excited to be able to interview Casimiro García López of Pluma de Oaxaca, as well as his son Omar, face-to-face in Oaxaca. A second generation…

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Decentralization & Community in Oaxaca Coffee Sourcing

  Published 06/10/2021 What makes Oaxaca unique?  The Oaxaca sourcing landscape is uniquely decentralized, presenting both challenges and opportunities for us as a sourcing company and for the communities and…

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We’re Opening a Year-Round Lab in Oaxaca, Mexico

  Published 02/03/2020 Why Mexico? As I rode in the back of a car, looking out at the green, rolling, coffee-laden hills of Veracruz a few weeks ago during early…

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